Welcome to revere, the ratings and reviews solution you've been waiting for.

Built from the ground up by a team of retail industry professionals, revere is powerful, simple to implement, and most importantly, affordable.

Which Would You Buy?

It's no secret that customers demand quality, unfiltered review content to help qualify their online purchases. According to a recent survey, having a review for a product can increase conversion up to 178% and 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a site with reviews than one without.

Reviews increase traffic, enhance SEO, improve conversions, increase average order values, and decrease returns. They provide undeniable social proof about a product or service in a trusted way. It's believed that over 1/4 of shoppers in brick and mortar retail locations use online reviews to influence their offline buying decisions.

100% customizable, simple to integrate.

No, that's not oxymoronic. Our front-end developers constantly struggled with how to integrate competing platforms into our ecommerce web sites and make it look like the reviews were a natural part of the site content. We knew there were much better and easier ways to get it done. The resulting product—revere—provides an unprecedented level of customization of look, feel, placement, and content while providing the legendary level of software integration Virid's known for in all of our products.

Built on the latest standards.

Building on standards means that we're utilizing well supported, tested, and common technology that your team will have an easier time working with. From JSON to Moustache templates, your implementation team will cheer your decision to use a technically superior product.


Mobile Ready

Showrooming have you worried? Enable your customers with a mobile solution that answers all their questions and closes the deal—right there in the store.

Whether your solution is hitting the revere API through a mobile app or it's extending our responsive templates for a universal web solution, revere has you covered out of the box.


A Social Butterfly

While a good many customers will engage with each other through the ratings and reviews on your website—either through the questions & answers feature or the reviews themselves—a good many more will take what they learn and hit the social sphere for peer feedback.

Revere makes sharing reviews or soliciting advice from friends simple by using the built-in features of social networks to generate valuable links and embedded content. Sharing a favorite customer review to a brand's media platform is just as easy with single click access to the most valuable networks right next to the review content in your moderation tool.


Cloudy with a chance of engagement.

Revere's cloud based infrastructure ensures consistent and persistent availability of services worldwide, on any device, on any network. With the cloud at your back, you can be confident that revere doesn't slow down your site and enables a much higher level of engagement.



Change the display, configuration, or ratings criteria from the same simple web based tool you use to approve, promote, and share your review content. Our one click approval process means less time managing content and more time engaging directly with customers.


All the features you need.

Product unique review criteria empowers more relevant and useful review content. Threaded questions & answers creates SEO rich content and drives deeper engagement for your customers, more data for you.

System Features

Cloud based
100% managed systems
Simple, easy to use management tools

Content Moderation

One-Click Review Approval
Offical Brand Response
Automated Screening
Customer Service Integration
Multi-State Moderation Queues
Advanced Language & Profanity Filtering
Multiple Users and Roles


Unlimited Product Templates
Custom Ratings Icons
Display Controlled with Client-side templates
Identity Based Badging


Augment Customer Account Data
Simple Snippet Codes

Ratings & Reviews

Variable Rating Scales
User Images
Rate any product or service Attribute

Questions & Answers

User Submitted Questions
Enhanced Customer Interactions
Threaded Messaging

Social Media

Share Review Content to Facebook
Tweet a Review


First Level Review Content Moderation
Custom Integrations
Custom Module Design


Backed by Virid Services

Just like with everything else we make, we back up your license with Virid services. That means that the platform is actively monitored, your account manager knows your name, and there's a team of designers, developers, and ecommerce gurus available for hire for your implementation or exciting new project. We can even do level 2 moderation of your reviews to free up even more of your precious time.